New Wave Irrigation

It's all about Water...

It’s all about water.
This is what New Wave Irrigation is about.
We all need water, It’s that simple. Whether you want to drink it, filter it, irrigate it, manage it, divert it, pump it, we can help.
At New Wave Irrigation, we can assist in many ways with your water situation. If you need to get it from A to B , we have pvc pipe, poly pipe (metric & rural), low density pipe and drip tube
We can clean your water with a great range of filters to remove sediment right through to UV filters to help remove bacteria.
Irrigation is our big thing. We can design your system, we will test your flow and pressure first so that we can give you the best outcome for your property, plants and pocket. If you like we can design your system then install it or we can supply all the components with a plan and you can do it yourself.
We will do any size system from small back yard to a golf course, using all the latest equipment from Toro , Hunter ,Philmac , Antelco, Vinidex, Rainbird, Netafim and Neta.
Managing water should be a priority here on the driest continent. No point wasting water that you have to pay for. To this end New Wave Irrigation has a large range of automatic controllers to help you apply water at the optimum time . You can apply your water early in the morning or late at night when the evaporation rates are low, so you aren’t wasting water and your plants are getting a good drink without stress. We can add soil monitors which can turn your systems on or off if conditions change, saving water and dollars. Rain sensors are a must have, these can be pre-set to turn your system off if a certain amount of rain falls, and will resume watering again after pre-set time of drying conditions, again saving water and dollars.
Protecting your property from large amounts of rain and runoff are a big part of the wet season here in the north. At New Wave Irrigation we can supply and install a range of products to help ensure the water at your place goes where it needs to. From strip drains and pits to drainage pipe, hessian matting for bank stabilisation , coco logs to reduce water flow and direct water. Geo fabric and silt fence to help with soil retention and many other problem solving devices.
If you need to get your water from a hole in the ground whether that be a bore, river ,dam or a tank you will need some sort of pump .

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